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Morocco has a rich culture and civilization. Each region possesses its own specificities, contributing, thus, to the making of national culture and to the civilization legacy. Morocco has set among its top priorities to protect all forms of its legacy and preserve its historical monuments.

Since its independence, Morocco has witnessed deep socio-cultural mutations like all other countries in the second half of the XX century. It is within these changes that arts are being organized for several decades.

It was also decided to allocate 1% of the local councils budget to the building in each prefecture or province of a culture compound, that comprises a theater, and to the sponsorship of artists. It is likewise projected to create in each region, two drama companies that local councils will finance and supply with the appropriate means.

Morocco has two institutes :

-The higher archeology institutes, created in 1986;

-The national institute of drama arts and cultural entertainment, created in 1987.


- The Oudaya museum in Rabat

- The Batha museum in Fes

- The "Dar El Jamii" museum in Meknes

- The "Bab El Alqa" museum in Tetouan

- The "Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah" museum in Essaouira

- The "Dar Si Said" museum in Marrakesh

- The museum of Chefchaouen

- The archaeologic museum of Rabat

- The archaeologic museum of Larache

- The archaeologic museum of Tetouan

- The "Nour" weapons museum in Fes

- The national earthenware museum in Safi

- The museum of contemporary arts in Tangiers

- The Kasba museum in Tangiers

- The "Dar Belghazi" museum in Rabat (private)

Literary and Artistic Prizes

The state holds every year the Moroccan book prize and the Grand Prize of National Merit. Several Moroccan figures from culture have been rewarded by Moroccan and foreign prizes.

Feasts and Festivals

Mobile date to commemorate the "Aid Al Mouloud" : in Sale, the procession of candles (decorated candles), Moulay Ibrahim festival (road of Asni, 50 km southwest of Marrakesh), 2nd week following the "Aid Al Mouloud" ; El Aouina festival (18 km southwest of Marrakesh), one month after the "Aid Al Mouloud".

In March : Festival of Moulay Aissa Ben Driss in Beni Mellal;

End of May : In Kelaat-Mgouna (Dades Valley) festival of roses;

May or June : Festival of Moulay Bousselham (south of Larache)

Beginning June, for ten days : in Marrakesh National popular arts festival;

In June: sherry festival in Sefrou;

Beginning July: Mdiq moussem (15 km northeast of Tetouan);

End August, for three days: Setti Fatma festival (Ourika valley, south of Marrakesh);

End August: Festival of Moulay Abdallah (10 km south of El Jadida);

In August: festival of Moulay Driss Zerhoun (north of Meknes), one of the most important ones with the largest audience;

End September: Festival of Sidi Moussa Ou Quarqour (near Kelaat-Seraghna, north of Marrakesh);

Third week of September: in Imilchil (middle Atlas), bethrotal festival;

First week of October: in Fes, festival of Moulay Idriss;

In Tissa (46 km northwest of Fes) horse festival;

End October: in Erfoud, dates festival;

Changing dates : festival of Tangiers, Tetouan, Fes, Agadir.

For more information on Moroccan culture, please visit the Ministry of Culture Website.